• Application preparation and filing for holiday visas for non-exempt nationals travelling to Namibia.
• Application preparation and filing for three month multiple re-entry work visa for those taking up employment in Namibia.
• Transit visas for those temporarily passing through Namibia and are not visa exempt.
• Work permits for those persons taking up employment in Namibia for a period exceeding three months.
• Work permits and Investor Status for those applicants investing and opening new businesses in Namibia.
• Temporary residence permits for accompanying spouses or children who follow to Namibia with their parent/spouse.
• Study permits for children who are school-going in Namibia.
• Permanent residence permits for applicants who qualify and for pensioners or accompanying dependants.
• Certificate of Identity/Domicile applicants. This application is for persons who are married to a Namibian citizen.
• Citizenship by Descent.
• Citizenship by Naturalisation.
• Citizenship by Marriage.
• Namibian police clearance certificates
• South African police clearance certificates
• Assistance with Namibian ID applications
• Assistance with Namibian passport applications
• Assistance with Namibian birth certificate applications

As each application is unique we hold a consultation with each individual or corporation before advising you on the way forward. VisaNam goal is to offer you a professional service and ensure that at all times we are keeping you legal.


• VisaNam has a legal practitioner on staff and therefore this will assist you and save you time and monies with respect to affidavits or certifying of any original documentation.


• VisaNam can assist you with any contractual obligations needed to be met by either employee or employer.
• Arbitration assistance in case of disciplinary action, if required.
• Disputes, if required.
• Personnel contracts.


• Company registration
• BIPA registration
• Social Security registration
• Ministry of Finance registration
• Certificate of Fitness registration (Municipality)
• VAT/TAX Registration
• Compliancy with the Namibia Intelligence Act of Namibia

VisaNam can also assist you with the following:

South African immigration issues.

• Initial: General work visa
• Renewal: General work visa
• Initial: Critical skills visa
• Renewal: Critical skills visa
• Initial: Corporate visa
• Renewal: Corporate visa
• Initial: Study visa
• Renewal: Study visa
• Initial: Medical visa
• Renewal: Medical visa
• Initial: Retired persons visa
• Renewal: Retired persons visa

Additional Services South Africa

• Appeals; and
• Waiver from grounds of undesirability.

Citizenship Services South Africa

• Determination of South Africa citizenship;
• Late registration of birth; and
• Waiver from loss of permanent residency.